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You can tell a good workman by his tool.

We have these tools.

The tools you need.


Get Everything You Need With Just One Tool

Well, Tickay is not a coffee machine nor a blender for your morning smoothie.

But Tickay will support all your day-to-day commercial activites.

For your personnal demands

Built For Small and Micro Enterprises

Not only for you, but with you.

Tickay has been built thanks to the valuable input from several Commercial Entrepreneurs in Luxembourg.

Thanks to those Early Birds, we know that the solution is market fit.

Fully built for your overall needs

Built For & Tested on All Major Platforms & Devices



What You Get


Customers details & fidelity

Stock management

Point Of Sale

Paperless Billing


Continuous Inventory

Periodical Closures

Margin Optimization

Built In Analytics

Updates & Fixes






& more

The Extra Advantage

Tickay is an open tool.

We can accelerate and streamline communication with your key providers.

We will be able to ease interactions with your accountant.

Enabling online selling will be done in no time.

To sum it up

You Will Get All The Things You Need


Full visibility on your customer base

Instant monitoring of the health of your business


More accurate follow-up of your stock

Clarity on your cash flow in real time

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